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2013-01-12: Headlines

  • The Tennessean: Watchdog Children's Rights fears for DCS kids 2013-01-12
    The 9-year-old “Brian A.” lived for seven months in an overcrowded Shelby County emergency center as part of one of the most dangerous child welfare systems in the nation, according to New York-based Children's Rights , which joined with Tennessee...

2013-01-11: Headlines

  • New Zealand Herald: Consigning child soldiers to an ugly chapter in history 2013-01-11
    Children have fought in wars throughout history and into mythic pre-history. | David was not an adult when he slew Goliath. Napoleon's forces were preceded on to the field at Waterloo by drummer boys, who were mown down by English fire. | Yet even in remote antiquity there was seen to be something anomalous and wrong about thrusting children into harm's way.

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